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Managing your student house
should be effortless.

Empowering the student houses of the future. Keep track of who's paying for what, schedule trash days, and connect with other houses.


Forgot to put the trash outside?

Receive an email in your inbox when it's your turn to put the trash outside on a Friday morning.


Prepared a badass meal?

Let others know you're cooking tonight, and let others join you for dinner. All costs are split automatically.

Replaces: Splitser, Eetlijst.


Don't feel like cooking tonight?

Find student houses nearby, and join dinner at their place!

Replaces: Cribber.

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At MyStudentHouse I want to power the student houses of the future. Help making the housing market work for students, by replacing outdated technology used by student housing groups.

Patrick - Co-founder MyStudentHouse

Our mission is to unify student houses, so you get the most out of your student life. MyStudentHouse is here to change the way student houses are managed.

Lukas - Co-founder MyStudentHouse

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